About Snuggie Universe

Snuggie Universe is the ultimate Snuggie® catalog where you can find all Snuggies that have been sold, whether they are still available to buy, or have been retired.

Snuggie is the most famous blanket with sleeves. It is made out of soft fleece and it has an opening in the back. In addition to the traditional solid colored Snuggie, there have been many other types of Snuggies, with various patterns and designs, sizes for kids, and Snuggies for dogs.

Snuggie has become a phenomenon of pop culture, outselling other brands. It has been referenced or imitated by many comedians and TV shows.

Here at Snuggie Universe, we do our best to find and catalog all Snuggies, new and old, and point you to the best deals we find.

Snuggie Universe is operated by fans of the Snuggie and is not affiliated with the makers of Snuggie®.